Yoga for Runners Tonight at Lululemon in Pasadena is On!

gary yoga 1
Coach Gary in Tree Pose at a Yoga Photo Shoot

It is 2:30 and the streets are dry in South Pasadena. Yoga for Runners, tonight at Lululemon in Old Town Pasadena, I guess will have to be a late decision. Right now, if the conditions stay the same it is on. If it rains after 4 PM it is probably off because the patio will be wet.

I am sure you can be a good judge just by looking outside and if you have a long drive to get here tonight, I would not take the chance and do some yoga on your own or find a local studio. You can check here at 5:45 PM for a final decision.

Thinking Dry Thoughts and Train Focsued, Steve Mackel – Meteornotigist (It is a play on words, not misspelled)


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