Yoga for Runners by Coach Steve Ilg

I just read this post by my coach, Steve Ilg Read the Entire 7-20-08 Post

“precisely why most yoga teachers prefer to distance themselves from
the notion that distance running is yoga! “Running ruins yoga,” i’ve
been told by yoga ‘teachers’ since the eighties. not in this Tribe,
baby. in this Tribe? we uphold running as did the Ancient Masters; we
consider running for what it truly is…an unequaled pilgrimage of
sweat, self, and the long, silent distance. by the time i got back to
Flagstaff at the end of my two consecutive days of racing against the
Hopi’s on their ancestral, sacred lands my battered feet looked the
worse for their wear. within five days, i would take these feet and run
them up the Sacred Peak, producing three layers of blisters. Yoga is
intended to be self-confrontational. For until you confront your
various ‘selves’, transformation – let alone transcendance – is
impossible. that is why, in WF, everything that the human body is
capable of is considered yoga practice. in WF, nothing is ever pushed
away from yoga. it’s all yoga. especially triple-layered blisters
begotten from confronting ones limits during endurance footracing.” – Coach Steve Ilg


One Response to “Yoga for Runners by Coach Steve Ilg”

  1. Gary on July 22nd, 2008

    I think coach needs to learn a little ChiRunning.

    That will take care of his blisters.