Yoga can help your running


I started doing yoga about two years ago. Mainly to relax but also to stretch out my hamstrings which were getting terribly tight from training for marathons. As I did more yoga, my hamstrings began to get more and more limber. But also my recurring shoulder pains from years of poor posture began disappearing. As well as the tightness in my lower lack.

And I was far more relaxed. The best benefit, however, was I began to feel comfortable in my own skin. The more I practiced it, the more I got from yoga, and wanted to study it more and more.

I had the opportunity this year as my teacher, Rosie Good, began a teacher training program. I enrolled this February and have been studying/practicing yoga for 15 hours a week, if not more. And what a difference it has made in my life. I’m finding some much needed peace and serenity. I’ve lost weight and my running just keeps getting faster and faster with less and less recovery time needed.

I taught my first Yoga class the other night in San Pedro. Largely about 30 minutes of Ashtanga or Power Yoga, which I am quickly falling in love with, as well as Kundalini, Hatha, and of course Raja Yoga. The class went really well. My next step is to research and put together a yoga routine directed towards helping the flexibility and recovery of runners. At our workshop next month, Steve and I will lead runners through this custom routine. I’m excited. Not only to help my yoga practice, but to help other runners experience the same flexibility and relaxation I’m loving through my yoga practice.

Here is another article I found that points out the benefits of yoga for runners.

Hope to see all of you soon,


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