Xterra Boney Mountain Half Marathon This Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014 – Big Changes in Scenery This Year

Big Changes took place on the Boney Mountain trail over 2013. The big change is the scenery. The Camarillo fire in early May of 2013, burnt most of the brush to the ground. It makes the course look like a moonscape. Watch out for stubs of small brush trunks. But this is the way nature works and there is already re-growth and new-growth. This Sunday is going to be epic for all runners, but especially those who have run it in the past.

This will be my 3rd year running this race and I have run the entire course 5 times. Let’s just say it’s tough. In fact, here’s my Garmin data from 2012. Use it to help plan your race:

Here’s a video I took during the race in 2012. It’s what the scenery used to look like:

Here are my tips:

    • There are not a lot of places to pass once you get on the trail up to the the Water Tank aid station. Don’t worry about passing, it goes up and up. Just keep pace with the person in front of you. If you can’t then pull over and let others pass you. There will probably be places you will walk in this section.
    • Use the downhills for speed and, if possible, to catch your breath. After the Water Tank aid station there is a 1 mile downhill and it is very runnable to the aid station at the bottom. You leave the valley floor quickly and start a steep 4 mile climb.
    • Let faster downhill runners pass you. I am good on the downhills but there are some really steep sections that are single tracks  that I slow down for. I know some really fast downhillers and I have needed to mover over for them. Be courteous.
    • The final downhill has a lot of rocks and gets a little technical, beware.
    • In the last mile there is a sneaky short hill that sucks.
    • After that hill it is a free-for-all downhill to the finish line – Go For It!
    • It’s a beautiful trail, cool people and the reason Xterra Races are so much fun. Enjoy the experience.
    • A hydration belt, Camelbak or hand held water is a good idea.
    • Do not litter. If not at an aid station put your trash in a pocket.

    See you there.

    Race Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Sole Runners Marathon Training Programs


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