What a Trail Running/Yoga Duathlon

Gary Conquers a Muddy Hill

The Griffith Park Trail Running and Yoga duathlon was quite a Saturday. Gary, Al and I hit the soaked trails. The first 30 minutes were very muddy and almost all uphill. We found a street and hit the pavement for another couple miles uphill. Then it was up another trail to get to the top of the ridge in the picture below. We picked a trail from our view on top, and spent another hour running down and back to the cars.

Gary and Al Work Toward the Top

Al left us at that time as Gary and I grabbed a quick bite to eat. Before we could totally digest, it was off to Coach Ilg’s High Performance Yoga® class. I have been fortunate enough to practice with Coach Ilg more than a few time. Gary got to experience it first hand for the first time. All that time in the mountains lately has taken Coach to another level. The room was not heated but Gary didn’t know it. He had to flip his mat over half-way through the class to find a dry space on it. I bring a beach towel and two other hand towels for sweat management when I take a HPY class. It was a great class. We finished with a couple pictures as Coach was headed up to Griffith Park to ride on some of the roads we ran up. What a day. Oh did I say how beautiful it was last Saturday. If you haven’t joined us for one of these trail runs, find your nature and come on out.

Me (Steve) and Coach Ilg after a High Performance Yoga® Class.

Train Focused,

Steve Mackel


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