What’s Next?

Soaking in the Tranquility and Spirit of Yogananda’s Abode in Pacific Palisades, While Getting Ready for My Next Adventure

Let’s go back to December where I posted my race plans for the year My 2007 Preliminary Race Plans. I’ve got a lot of check marks to dole out and it is only March: Two marathons, one half marathon and a snowboarding trip. Actually, I am ahead of schedule.

So what’s next for this coach? Cycling! That’s right, time to focus on my cycling. I’ll still run about 20+ miles a week yet the weekend’s LSD (Long Slow Distance) workouts will be on the bike. During the year changing focus between sports you are interested in, helps keep your body fresher. I also think it can help you get faster.

So the Wild Flower Long Course triathlon is next on the schedule and it is an “A” race for me. Wild Flower, considered the Woodstock of triathlons is always the first weekend in May. I’ve been using this year’s marathon training to build a strong base for Wild Flower. In the meantime, I’ve registered with fellow SoCalRunning.com Andy to race in the Sea Otter bicycle road race in mid-April and I think I’ll add in a mountain bike race that weekend too.

Maybe You Can Guess Why I Like Training and Racing With Andy

I am sure the competition will be strong. At this point my goal is to race hard and see what happens. You never now how a bike road race will shake out. Will the peleton stay together or will some strong rider see if he can break-away and hold everyone off? It doesn’t matter to me because it is all prep for Wild Flower and I need the miles in the saddle.

I am also preparing for the Beach Runners’ Spring and Summer session. The program starts Saturday, May 19, and spaces are still available Click Here for More Info or to Register. If you want to run your first marathon or half marathon, join this great group. If you are looking for a new PR, with the help of ChiRunning and MaraYoga, we can help you do it.

I will continue taking Gary’s Tuesday Night Power Yoga Class. This is such a good workout and helps in every sport I do. Click Here to Join Us

Then comes summer and the focus becomes real fun training. Look out Mt. Baldy.

Just some thoughts during this recovery week.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – USA Cycling Coach


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