We’re off to the Holcomb Valley Ultramarathon


Tomorrow, Saturday, Steve, Sindy, Sandy, and I head off to the mountains to the Holcomb Valley Ultramarathon at Big Bear Lake, CA.

This is Steve’s, Sindy’s, and Sandy’s first ultramarathon and they all seem very excited except for Steve, who I kinda of nudged into running this race. He is in incredible shape so I figure he will do much better than he thinks he will do.

Sindy and Sandy have spend a lot of time with me running trails, coming to yoga class, following some of my nutrition plans, and practicing the Inner Game of Running. You can see the difference this makes in their running and endurance right now. They are both in superb running shape. They have both worked very hard to prepare for this race. I’m really very proud of them both. And am 100% confident that they will finish.

We’re going to need all the good vibes we can get on Sunday. So send us a prayer or two when you’re in church or meditating please.


The course is 33 miles long with over 7000 feet of elevation gain/loss and most of our running will be on either fireroads or single track. And to top it of, we will be running at a high elevation so there will be less oxygen available.

Sounds like my kind of race. Very difficult and very scenic.

I finally bought a new camera tonight as my last one broke after I took it snorkeling then dropped it on the Buffalo Run.

Hence the lack of RunCasts lately. But all that should change very soon. Look for some new video when I return. Especially of our experiences Sunday.

If any of you want to come and cheer us on…please come up to Big Bear on Sunday.

We will start at 7 A.M and I figure we will be coming in to the finish line between 12:30 – 4:00 in the afternoon, depending on how each of us do. So if you want to spend a beautiful day up in the mountains and cheer on your coaches and fellow Beach Runners come join us on Sunday.

Holcomb Valley Ultramarathon with directions

Gary Smith, ChiRunning® Instructor


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