Warrior Workouts and Trail Running

Halfway Straight Up Taxman in PV, That’s Matt Pushing Forward

Want a warrior workout, trail run with Gary or I. The number 1 reason to learn ChiRunning® from us is because we put it to use everyday. Gary’s Tuesday Night Trail Run and Power Yoga tops the charts. When you look at the picture above, know that this is what a warrior workout is all about, learning to make it to the top of a super steep, long uphill with loose rocks.

You can work hard or ChiRun and work smart, its your choice. And don’t let this scare you. We have other trails that aren’t so difficult starting out of the same location. Everybody has to start somewhere. We thought about this and have a safe and fun way to get you going or really challenge you.

“Tough Races in Beautiful Places” that’s our motto.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking® Instructor and Trail Running Instructor


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