Wanna Improve Your Endurance Training? – VACATION (REST)

Soaking in the Winter Chi

That’s right, rest. You sleep for a reason. Your body goes into a repair and recover phase. When is the last time you took sometime for recovery, when you were healthy?

I think that is the big question; can you take a little time off when you are healthy? I am writing this because I just got back from Tahoe and today I had the best run in months. I didn’t turn my computer on for four days. I am still catching up on emails.

For the past 11 weeks I have been recovering from a herniated disc in my lower back. I got it from a lifting, twisting movement. I couldn’t move for days and truthfully I am still in a recovery phase of my injury. At the time I looked at the injury as some time off. Now I realize that recovering from an injury can be more taxing on the body then regular training. As soon as I could move again, I was coaching and training. Looking back, I haven’t rested, just pushed through.

I also realize it is difficult to rest lying around the house. There is too much to think about and you can’t fully recharge your energy cells. For me, the mountains supercharge my cells. The beauty, clean air, activities and the ability not to do any activity works much better. Taking some time away from running gave me time to practice my snowboarding skills, learn how to x-country ski and chill. I didn’t go all out, all day just found a few hours for each over the course of four days.

So, if you haven’t been on a vacation lately, schedule one soon, even if it is a weekend trip. Get away from your usual surrounding. And, if you can’t go soon, make sure you plan some rest into your training schedule in 2007.

I felt good today and I’m back.

Running Rested, Steve Mackel, USA Triathlon Coach


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