Wanna Improve Your ChiRunning®? X-Country Ski

Fun in the Sun

I had some time over the Christmas holiday to try x-country skiing for the first time. I have been downhill skiing and snowboarding my entire life but I never had put on the skinny skis. I think I started out the right way, took a quick lesson. Our teacher had been x-country skiing since she was a little girl in Norway. We had the real deal teaching us.

At first, she wouldn’t let us put our skis on we just had to feel our feet on our boots. She didn’t want us to even look at the ground once we put our skis on, it kept coming back to feeling our feet and our body weight over our feet. It was the snow version of a ChiRunning® lesson I teach. Then we hopped up and down with our skis on and got a feeling for the skis. The next thing I know I am in the tracks x-country skiing. She taught us how to slow down and wedging on x-country skis is much harder than alpine skis. We found an easy 4k track around a frozen lake and were off.

Before I knew it I was applying many of my ChiRunning® and yoga skills and soaking in the scenery. Oh yeah, it was a workout. After the lake loop, we found another, more difficult trail and cruised around for another 45 minutes. I kept thinking to myself good thing I have been developing my “Body Sensing” skills.

Now, every once in a while when I am snowboarding I might find a day to leave the speed at home and explore the winter wonderlands. Next time, give a try yourself.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel ChiRunning® Instructor



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