Valley Crest Half Marathon – Sunday, June 13, 2010

It was my first time running the Valley Crest Half Marathon. Below is the data from my Garmin.

I grew up riding my bmx bike on dirt Mulholland Dr., now, 35 years later I got to run it. There are few flat spots, but it is a nice wide dirt road. The day was the first hot day of the year and the field had many seasoned runners, so the heat didn’t slow them down.

In this video I interview runners, show the course but by mile 10, I was racing hard trying to catch Marvin. He was able to use his ChiRunning® training to hold me off. I think I finish 4th or 5th in my age group. Not bad for running and filming on a challenging course.

Overall, I had a good race and a great time.

Thanks for watching

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, ChiRunning® Instructor


One Response to “Valley Crest Half Marathon – Sunday, June 13, 2010”

  1. The Green Girl on June 15th, 2010

    Congratulations on running a great race, Coach Steve!