Upcoming So Cal ChiRunning Workshops – January, February and March 2014

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It is Race Season. The Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon are Super Bowl Sunday weekend. You also have the Redondo Beach 10k and other races. In fact, for the next few months are some of the best races in So Cal.

Would you like to make those races easier, faster and recover faster? Learning ChiRunning can help you with all your upcoming runs.

  • Learn how to reduce braking forces.
  • Learn how your running posture can effect your running.
  • Learn how many steps to take per minute.
  • Learn why all this is important with a ChiRunning lesson.

I am offering a One-Day ChiRunning workshop in January, February and March. I still have spaces available for this Sunday. If you are interested, please email me at Steve@SoCalRunning.com.

For all the details, check out my ChiRunning Workshops web page by clicking on the logo below:

Train Focused, Steve Mackel ChiRunning Master Instructor



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