Twitter, Good Friends and a Message for the Day


I am starting to follow quite a people on Twitter. Many of these people I have never met, from all over the world, and everyday I get a nugget or two. Today, Sunday, after an awesome St. Valentine’s Day I am working and organizing. I have a lot to do this week. So, while I cleaning the kitchen, Coach Gary send my cell phone a message through Twitter. I open it to read:

Why Do You Stay In Prison When the Door is Wide Open? -Rumi

And my world is rocked momentarily.

How do we change old behaviors?
How do we choose change?
How do we allow ourselves a new practice?

Obviously, there is a huge implication to fitness here, yet the picture is so much larger. And,, MarathonTraining.TV, Coach Gary and I are about the big picture.

What is even better is that so many of you that comment, or we talk to share a similar vision. Thank you for sharing in our community.

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