Turkey Trots – Earn Your Bird!

Steve, Christy and Bruce Finished on the Podium in the 2007 Run for the Hungry

As I write this I am not feeling a fast race in me for this Thursday’s local Turkey Trot, but sometimes I run fastest when I am not “feeling it.” I feel like hanging out and running with friends, we’ll see Thursday. Look out for Bruce and Christy. Bruce has been getting faster. Now he has at least 30 seconds on me at the 5k distance and he’s in my AG (age group). Two years ago I had 15 seconds on him. That makes a podium spot that much harder.

I’ll be in La Canada, So Cal, running in the Run for the Hungry again. In case you don’t know where La Canada is, it is near Pasadena.

This is a great race. You bring some canned food for a food bank, pay a small entry fee, run a up Foothill Blvd., turnaround and run back. This 5k makes you feel good, see friends then get ready for the big meal. If you can’t join us find your local Turkey Trot and send me a picture to post next week.

This is the true way to Earn Your Bird.

I have to give props to Coach Steve Ilg for starting the Earn Your Bird tradition. Years ago he had his own different type of triathlon, meditation, yoga and running. Trust me this was hard and I earned my bird for the first time.

Join this time tested tradition

Bruce and Steve, Hanging Out with Reese Again for our annual picture


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