Travel with the Sole Runners to New Zealand 2016 – The Auckland Marathon

The Sole Runners are going to the other side of the world for their next big travel marathon. We are headed to New Zealand for the Auckland Marathon in 2016.

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photo credit – Auckland Marathon

Why 2016?

To give us some time to save money. Shoot, we just back from Nice, France in November.

What distances does the Auckland Marathon offer?

You have lots of choices.

  • Marathon – 42.195km
  • Half Marathon – 21.09km
  • Quarter Marathon – 10.55km

How much do you expect it cost?

We really don’t know yet but a ballpark guess would be $1,100 per person, which includes the race fees, hotel room (double occupancy) 5 days 4 nights, nightly group party, Saturday night Carbo-load dinner and airport transfers. Airfare is up to you and runs around $1,200.

New Zealand is a long way from home, what else do you plan on doing?

This is my favorite part of the trip, my time before and/or after the marathon. I plan on making this at least a 2 week trip. We will set up an additional New Zealand exploratory trip and personally, I’m going to find a way to stop by Australia and dive the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, these are at your own. expense.

How many people are going?

We typically max out at 60 people. We are not a full blown travel agency but are very experienced. From our previous trips we know we can comfortably handle a group of 60. We are starting a list. Please email: Email New Zealand Waiting List

Start Saving Now for New Zealand with these great saving tips:

LeAnn found this money saving “trick” on Facebook that will help you save up for your airfare.  If you save $1 more each week all year ($1 in week 1, $2 in week 2, etc.), you will save $1,378 this year — which should cover your airfare to New Zealand. She even made the jar above to keep track.

The chart you see above (which you can get here) tracks the weeks, the contribution and the totals.  Get a jar, print out the form, and put them together.

This is a great idea for the New Year. So, I started to think about it and it starts out cheap but the second half of the year gets a little expensive. Here’s another option: Save $20 a week for the 52 week. Just put a $20 dollar bill in the jar every week and in 52 weeks you’ll have $1040. Do either and you’ll be well on your way to New Zealand in 2016.