Tim VanOrden Video on 5K Running


The elite Kenyan runners not only walked away with top honors, but they walked away singing, dancing and smiling. Perhaps the dominance of Kenyan athletes in distance running has everything to do with their spirit, playfullness and downright youthful joy they seem to experience while running. I’ve heard so many people say that when they’ve seen Kenyan runners racing that it doesn’t even seem like they are going hard – it seems effortless. Perhaps this is the way to greatness – give up the all too American ideal of “no pain, no gain” and instead adopt a mindset of – this will be fun and effortless. I think I’ll try that one on and see how it fits.

Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Blog

Next week we have plans to have Tim VanOrden on Steve and Gary’s Running show. Tim is a remarkable runner considering he only just began seriously training a few years ago.

His secret…

Raw Foods.


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