The Middle Path

I am writing this article for both sites, and I am not sure if I heard this on a tape but I am pretty sure Coach Ilg, founder of Wholistic Fitness®shared it with me first and now I am sharing it with you. You may have heard it before, if you have, bear with me. It doesn’t get any more basic than this version of the story.

The Buddha was born into a wealthy family as a prince. He experienced riches and a luxurious lifestyle. Feeling something wasn’t right he gave it all up. He set out and followed the ascetic practices for years. From depriving himself and being very hungry he took a bowl of milk rice from a maiden and broke the ascetic tradition. He sat under the bodhi tree, became enlightened and found the middle path. I have heard the middle path described as, “Like the strings of a lute, in order to be in tune they must not be wound too tight or too loose. They need to be somewhere in between.

How is your path, extremely uphill or extremely downhill? Maybe it is just too flat? Can you find your middle path? I write about this because of the way we train and the way we tend to live our lives, extremes. My next two articles will be about overtraining and adding cross-training, as I delve into this idea the Middle Path or being “in tune.” Take some time to consider your path.

Namaste (meaning: my spirit honors your spirit),



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