The ChiRunning, Trail Running and Yoga Retreat was Beautiful

L-R Kathleen, Ken, Carolyn, Carrie, Gary, Heather, Kristin, Greg, Janice, Emily -Photo by Steve

Our first ChiRunning, Trail Running and Yoga Retreat went off without a hitch last Saturday. We had a great group of new ChiRunners attend the retreat on one of the most beautiful days of the year. The location couldn’t have been nicer, a view for miles.

We have given plenty of ChiRunning workshops but our idea of a whole day retreat took it to another level. Whether it is a 4 hour group workshop or a 2 hour private, It seems like there is never enough time. We were able to focus on the ChiRunning lessons with over four hours of instruction, have two fantastic trail runs and two restoritive yoga sessions.

The retreat theme carried through the day. Nothing is better than not being rushed and enjoying nature. We enjoyed an organic lunch, the wildflowers, good conversation and fun company.

We would like to thank Emily, Ken, Janice, Carolyn, Heather, Carrie, Greg, Kristin and Kathleen for their fantastic spirit, great attitude and willingness to learn. Now they know how to run in order to prevent injuries. They’ll have to practice of course, and they now have the knowledge for a lifetime of softer, kinder, more flowing, natural running. We will be sending them some additional tips privately.

If you missed it, you still have a chance to participate in our next ChiRunning, Trail Running and Yoga Retreat, Sunday, April 30, in Palos Verdes. That’s right, you have one more chance to get in our retreat before our next one in July. We will leave the price the same for members, Beach Runners and Pasadena Tri Club members, $175. It will be $195 for non-members. To become a member, all you have to do is sign-up on the front page. It’s free and you save $20.

More Photos from the Day


Gary Smith & Steve Mackel

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Our ChiRunners take a rest in Savasana, one of the yoga poses during our yoga session


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