The Wednesday Night Brick Is Back and Going All Summer Long

The Wednesday Night Brick is back and I will begin to lead the Brick workout for the fourth consecutive season. The Brick usually consists of riding a bike for one hour followed by running one lap around the Rose Bowl. You can always do more if you need too.

We meet in the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center parking lot, in Pasadena, around 5:45 PM and hit the road just after 6:00 PM. The run usually starts around 7:10 PM.
One lap around the Rose Bowl is 3 miles. Typically we finish between 8:00 – 8:30 PM. Usually some of us head out for some much needed refueling and hydration at a local restaurant afterwards. The Brick is appropriate for every level of athlete and newbies are encouraged to attend. Last year, we averaged just around 20 participants weekly and we had as many as 40.

When I started this workout, my primary goal, was to create a fun, informative workout for every level of athlete. This workout is open to anyone. You can do the entire workout or just do the ride, run or yoga sections. It is your choice. The important thing is that you come with a friendly, fun attitude.

Now for some rules: Safety First in everything we do. Remember the rules of the road. No helmet, no ride, no exceptions. You are responsible for your own equipment. You will probably want to lock your bike up while we run, either in a car or to something. If you think someone needs some help ask them.

Here are the next two Wednesday Brick workout plans:

April 25, Yoga Begins – Ride One hour, two laps at 14 and 15 mph then ride to the top of Lida for anyone who wants to come. Faster riders to the top should go back down and ride up with some of the slower riders. Starting this Wed. I will be offering yoga as an alternative for running. It will last about 40 minutes and a mat is not necessary, we will be on the grass. Towels worked too. I am doing this for two reasons. I need to do more yoga and I already run 20+ miles a week. The running will still take place as usual, one lap around the Rose Bowl.

May 2, Transition Workout – I will give a quick talk for anyone interested in transition tips. We will set up a transition area and practice T2 by riding one lap around the RB then run mile and repeat 2 – 4 times. This is a shorter (about 1.25 hours) workout since WF is that weekend.

I look forward to another successful year. If you have any questions, please Email Me


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