The Big Chill

Sweats, Hats, Gloves Clothed the Beach Runners Early Saturday Morning

So Cal is cold, burr. Let’s face it, if you are like me and not a transplant, our blood is thin. It gets this cold only a few times every few years. I saw a story on the news about pipes freezing and bursting. Even the transplants were cold this weekend.

We experienced the cold weather Saturday for the Beach Runners run and dressed in layers. I wore four layers on top and thermal underwear over gold basketball shorts on my legs. We were running at least 2 hours and 15 minutes. I ran 2-and-a-half hours with Mercedes. It was her longest run ever and I am getting my endurance back. It felt good. I think I am ready for the Buffalo Run on Catalina.

Some of the Beach Runners went 3 hours and we all knew it would probably warm up yet I was glad to be running in my thermals. Jake toughed it out in running shorts and a sleeveless running shirt, while George wore his leather jacket until the run started.

One great thing about this crisp weather was the views. It just seemed clearer. It was a beautiful weekend to run and the cold weather made it different and fun. Please remember to hydrate often even when it is cold. You may not realize your loss of fluids in this weather. You don’t sweat that much, the he humidity can be low, and the next thing you know you forget to drink. It may be time to invest in some gloves too.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, USA Triathlon Coach

Beach Runners’ Mentor George and Coach Steve Bundled Up


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