The Beach Runners – The Best of Both Worlds

gary in PV.jpg

Gary and Tom on a Beautiful PV Trail Last Saturday

Last two weeks to join the Beach Runners, Saturday, December 1 and Saturday, December 8, to get the full benefits of proper training, to complete a full or half marathon.

But why the Beach Runners?

You get the best of both worlds, trails and roads every week, that’s why. Who else trains you for every kind of race? The Beach Runners are unlike the other training programs because of what we offer.

As much as I want to give to each of our runners, I really want them to find their own appreciation of taking responsibility for their fitness/health. Many of us find it in running and I can always find it on the trails. There is so much Chi right here in beautiful So Cal. All you have to do is look and find what seeks you out. Palos Verdes found Gary, myself and many Beach Runners.

Please feel free to check us out on a Saturday morning in Long Beach or Palos Verdes at 7 AM.

I’ll be training in Long Beach this Saturday. For more info click here or email me your questions.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Beach Runners’ Head Coach


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