The Barefoot Coach

Steve and the Barefoot Coach, Todd

I’ve been coaching the Beach Runners since the program’s inception of May 2005. I have met a lot of people and a few coaches. Along the way I met Todd, who coaches the TNT team out of Long Beach. Our runners cross on the bike path and streets of Long Beach and Todd and I usually run into each other out there too.

Both of us run with our athletes. What sets Todd apart is that he runs barefoot. He runs barefoot all the time. He’s run countless marathons. In fact, it is a rare day when you can catch him with real shoes on. A couple of things about running barefoot, is that you need tough feet and good form. As a ChiRunning® Instructor I can really appreciate his good form.

So, if you are out there running and see a guy running without shoes on, ask him for a tip and find out if he’d rather run on the hot pavement or the frozen concrete we have been experiencing lately.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, CHt


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