Comments from our running students…

Sandy – ChiRunning has completely changed an activity I hated (running) to an activity that has become a major part of my life! How amazing is that…I am one of those ordinary folks who was invited to take up ChiRunning by a friend just a little over a year ago. While I’ve always been an active person, I HATED running due to consistenly getting bad shin splints.When I started to run last year, I still couldn’t even go half a block without feeling the pain begin up my legs. And I thought, “here I go again…”But, after just a couple of ChiRunning Workshops with Steve and Gary, my stride and form began to change. Seemingly overnight – I could run (well, okay, jog slowly) and did not have a single shin splint incident! Or any other injury for that matter. For me the secret has been in the small, quicker steps – no long strides for this body any more. And I really love when I know I have my arms in the right position because then I feel like I’m sailing above the ground beneath my feet! :)I’m still an ordinary athlete! No Boston on my horizon.But in 12 months, I’ve taken 3 minutes/mile off my pace; am learning how to sense my body and recognizing when I’m getting closer to ChiRunning form, especially when I’m going downhill!And just 12 months after my first ChiRunning Workshop, I have completed 3 10Ks, 3 half-marathons and 1 marathon.Not bad for someone who HATED to run! None of that would have happend without the ChiRunning Workshops that Steve and Gary teach.So, you’ve thought you couldn’t run due to injury, age, weight – as an overweight, almost 50 year old woman, I say – You Can! I know, because I did! Go for it… it just might change your life.

Keith – When I first started with the Beach Runners and learned the ChiRunning style, I was an accomplished runner. I had competed in 25 marathons and countless 1/2 marathons and 5/10k’s. However, I was starting to have hip and leg problems from all my years of running. When I attended my first ChiRunning workshop, I was skeptable but willing to try this new technique. All I can say is after training the ChiRunning way, my issues went away and I have been injury free ever since. This style of running has allowed me to run without the type of pain issues I previously had. In fact, in March I will be competing in my 5th marathon since changing to ChiRunning. This is a life changing event in my running career. I would highly recommend it to everyone at every ability level. Thank you

Janet – In 2006, my first half marathon was the OC. I finished in 2:26:27. I ached and waddled for days and my knees were hurting. It took about a week’s time to walk normal. Then I decided to run the Long Beach half. I finished that in 2:22:01. Boy, were my knees really hurting at mile 8. I was very disappointed in having to walk. When I was at the Long Beach expo picking up my bid and goodie bag, I happen to stumble upon the Beach Runnner’s booth and meet Gary. He was showing me a flyer about an injury-free running method called ChiRunning and that there was a workshop coming up in November in Palos Verdes. I told him I would think about it and get back to him. Well, after finishing the Long Beach half, aching, I thought about the workshop real hard, and decided to sign up. Something had to change if I wanted to run injury and pain free.Let me say that it was money well spent and, did it ever make a difference! I ran the Carlsbad half in 2007, 2 months after learning the ChiRunning methods, and got my best time: 2:16:55. And my knees didn’t hurt. I recovered faster, like within 1 day, and it’s made a huge difference in my attitude towards running. It’s fun! 2007 was a big running year for me, I completed 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon where I placed 8th in my age group, and 2-5K’s were I placed 2nd in both.I just completed my first ever Goofy race and a half challenge, 39.3 miles in the course of 2 days. I also snuck a 5K into that mix. My knees didn’t hurt one bit during any of the runs and I didn’t have the “marathon waddle” afterwards. Now my next challenges are the Buffalo and Catalina runs in the dirt and trails and whatever else sounds good.So, Steve and Gary, a great big thanks from me. Running is no longer a painful ordeal, I look forward to each and every run I do with a smile. ChiRunning rocks!Janet
Sandy – For as far back as I can remember (at least since Junior High), I never ran anywhere, for any reason. I had always been out of shape and running was very uncomfortable. One day while waiting for my JambaJuice, I saw a book called ChiRunning. That turned out to be the best day of my life. After reading the book and studying the focuses, I started running (very slowly). I am almost 38 years old and after just 5 months of ChiRunning, I am running 6 miles and have signed up for my first 5K. ChiRunning has given me self-confidence and pride in myself.
Coralin – Chirunning with Steve and Gary was the best workshop I have taken in my 18 years of being a physical educator. Currently I am the Physical Training Coordinator for the Rio Hondo Police Academy and while I do not claim to be a Chirunning expert, I have tried to incorporate some of the basic concepts into the Police Academy workouts. The positive response from cadets and staff has been terrific. My goal now is to expand and solidify my knowledge of the technique not only for my own success, but for the health and success of our future police officers.Thank you,Coralin Glerum

Michael – I am the 1982 undefeated Tennessee State Wrestling Champion (Most Valuable Wrestler),2006 North American Brazilian JiuJitsu Champion, 11 more Gold Medals and won a Bronze medal at the 2004 Pan American. I understand what it takes to win! I have always used running for conditioning but it has always been painful but I have learned to “suck it up” keep going. At the best shape of my life, I ran 10.5 miles, yes, I gave it my all. It has been 18 years since that run and I huffed and puffed at 2 miles until I met Steve. After one hour of introduction to the Chi Running technique, I ran 4.52 miles without any injury and could have ran more (Steve told me to take it slow, this is why we have coaches!). Twelve weeks later, I finished 20.06 miles. I am proud to be associated with the Beach Runners group. Steve has the wonderful ability to help each person to be the best that they can be. (John Wooden, ESPN Coach of the Century, follows the same philosophy of helping each person to be their best). I have always dreamed of running and completing a marathon and before Steve was learning to accept that I would never reach that dream, Steve, thank you for helping me to not have to accept the fact that I would never run a marathon and reach my dream. Everyone should allow Steve to be your “Coach” and he will help you to be your best!
Lisa – I took Steve & Gary’s ChiRunning workshop back in July 2007. Prior to this workshop, my last marathon was LA which was a disappointment in meeting my goal to qualify for Boston. There was soo many factors that went wrong: cramping at mile 15, tightness in my hips and my pace was 1.5 minutes too slow. I came into this workshop with desperation and my last chance of hope to increase my running time. Gary & Steve did a GREAT job explaining the techniques. All the runs afterwards, I knew what I needed to do. 4 months later, i enter another marathon and focused on the ChiRunning techniques that i learned so clearly. To make a long story short: I SUCCEEDED IN SHAVING OFF, NOT ONLY 49 MINUTES THAT I NEEDED BUT AN EXTRA 3 MINUTES AS WELL -A HAPPY BOSTON QUALIFER -THANKS SO MUCH STEVE & GARY -YOU GUYS ROCKED MY WORLD!

Rich – Chi Running? My first thought…”You’ve got to be kidding me! Chi Running?”…But I was curious. I had chronically pulled my right hamstring muscles. I knew my technique was poor! I went and learned some basic concepts that seemed very common sense to me, but I’d never put the concepts together. Since taking the workshops, I haven’t pulled a hamstring. I attribute this to the warm up exercises, body alignment, engaging the core body, the running technique and the breathing technique. Although I’m continuing to master the Chi Running technique, I’ve seen my run times steadily decrease on half-marathon distances by over 40 minutes. Chi Running? I no longer question the value. Check Chi Running out!
Jeanine – I am a fifty-year old woman who smoked for thirty years. After many, many failures, I kicked the habit for good through running. First a block, then two, then a mile, then 10Ks, all the way up to my first 1/2 marathon last year. Then my knees went out. NOoooo … Please … Running is the light that keeps me strong. I went searching, desperately, for something I could do not to have to give up running. I chanced upon Gary and Steve’s website. I joined, I took their workshop. Still injured, I had to come back slowly. I had to stop running with the group – but instead, on my own, have been diligently studying the book, learning the posture, starting all over. HEAVEN!!! In the last month, I have worked back up to maintaining a steady 3 mile run twice a week and an 8 mile run on Sundays without any pain. Steve and Gary have literally saved my life. Without running I am not sure I would be able to maintain the willpower to stay cigarette free. Thank you Steve and Gary … and … another few miles I will be back with the group!

Kim – I was suffering from a chronic hamstring pull and just couldn’t seem to get past it. I visited my chiropractor who runs triatholons and he encouraged me to take a ChiRunning workshop to change my running form. I took the class with Steve and Gary in April 2007 in Palos Verdes. I learned tons from the class and then asked if there was a group that “chi ran” so I could continue practicing and improving my running with others. I love ChiRunning! It has really helped me improve my strength, endurance and rate of recovery! Needless to say I am injury free! My longest run ever was a 10K about 3 years ago. Now I am just getting ready for my second half marathon next week. My new goal is to run a full marathon for my 50th birthday!!

Christy – I was relatively new to long distance running before taking Steve and Gary’s Chi Running workshop last summer and was concerned about potential injuries. Chi Running has given me the opportunity to accomplish my goals without that fear. I now truly look forward to my runs and can really feel the energy flowing through my system efficiently.

Bernice – I just got into running in May 07 and attended Steve & Gary’s ChiRunning Workshop in September 07. The techniques I’ve learned have made me cross the finish line of my first marathon smiling and running. The first time I ran with the Beach Runners was 30 minutes and barely went over a mile. Now, I can run for 3, 4, 5 hours covering 13, 18, 22 miles and still have enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day. The ChiRunning Workshop is great for beginners like me because I learned the basics early on and I’m able to build on that by practicing every time I run. Now I feel I’m a stronger person and more confident in my running.
Larry – Run a Marathon. No way! I ran track in high-school but that was verrrrry long ago. I never attempted anything longer than a 5K. To me that was as long a run that I would ever want to try. In the back of my mind I looked at the marathon but never really believed I could finish one based on how beat up I felt after a simple 5K.I saw the ad on Active.com and it sounded interesting. I saw the word “Chi” and I knew from previous martial arts training that Chi was a good thing. I went to my first meeting with alot of hesitation, however. Steve spoke and he mentioned something about the sign up fee. As I stood in line to register and pay the fee I thought to myself, what am I doing , I’m never going to complete a 26.2 mile run. It would be like throwing money away. I noticed Steve standing nearby so I asked him if I could get a full refund if I go through the class and run today and not feel good about it. He smiled then agreed.Steve began the class by asking us to throw out the old axiom “no pain-no gain”. “You are going to learn to run pain free” I began to feel beter already. He then spoke of posture, body lean, landing flatfooted and soft and all the other Chi running principles. I listen carefully and tried my best to apply what I had just learned to the upcoming run. Off we went , it was a short 45 minute run. I was surprise on how good it felt during and especially towards the end when I would usually feel like you know what. I actually felt I could go longer and that had never happened before. I could not wait to find Steve and tell to cash that check! I’m in. In a short time I have already completed the OC half marathon in 2:08 and I am registered in the March 2nd Los Angeles Marathon. I have renewed my love for running and I can barely wait for the long runs on Saturdays. The group is great and the mentors are so full of encouragement and information. On a side note, my wife just told me that I never looked better. Life is good……..

Christen – ChiRunning has given me hope that I will be able to be a regular runner again, and I’m not joking. I have chondromalacia in both knees and took a lesson with Kathy Greist, and the difference is amazing. Apparently I was doing everything completely wrong – which (in addition to my body mechanics, which weren’t so helpful to begin with) is what caused my knee problems in the first place! I know nothing will reverse the damage, but I have hope now that my knees won’t deteriorate at the rate they had been in the past few years. I haven’t been able to run without knee pain and swelling for several years. After my lesson, I’ve been able to log 2-3 miles every other day, which is amazing – and with very minimal pain and swelling, if any at all. Not only that – I was always so exhausted from running when using so much energy to move my body, I’ve NEVER been able to run fast – I would get winded too quickly and have to go slow. I ran an 8.5 minute mile followed by an 11 minute mile a few weeks back, and this has now become my regular pace – and that, for someone like me, is amazing. I can’t even believe I am able to run again. On my first run after my lesson, I actually teared up a little bit I was so happy. Thank you ChiRunning. 🙂
Cindy – ChiRunning changed my life! After having a baby I had to lose my pregnancy weight. At the same time I got a divorce and my favorite cousin died, so it was a difficult time in my life. With the coaching from Steve and Gary, I was able to run an entire marathon. I did not even get one blister and needed no recovery time the next day. It was one of the best things I ever did in my entire life!

Joe – A Chi Running workshop is something that I’d highly recommend to anyone who runs. Steve and Gary gave me focused attention to form and cadence,two of the keys to successful running. They were able to help me, a non-runner, complete the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon. The guys truly care about making each of their students successful.
Sandy – I took up running to cope with some crazy stress in my life. I decided to train for a half marathon, using an online training program. I got up to eight mile, but started developing knee pain. I was bummed out, because I thought I was going to have to go back to walking and give up on running.I had heard about chi-running on the internet and thought I would give it a try. I joined the beach runners and was running pain free in just the first two weeks of running with the chi-running method.Chi-running has helped me to not only run pain free, but also to get more in tuned with my body.In my first year of running with the chi-running method, I have finished two marathons, two half marathons and one really tough ultra-marathon. Not bad, considering that I was hoping to just finish a half marathon when I started training a little over a year ago.
Carlos – I participated on a workshop taught by Steve and Gary. I gained very positive information “hand on” to apply what I had just “touched the surface” by reading Mr. Dryer book and watched his DVD about Chi Running. I advise anyone interest in mastering the Chirunnning technique(mind over muscle) to attend a workshop and have follow ups private instruction. These guys are good. Read the book,watch the DVD and attend a workshop.
Ed – On March 31,2007, I participated in the Seal Beach 5k walk. I saw a lots of Beach Runners who were running the 5k and 10 k including Barb. Anyway a week after the walk I went to the website to see how I ranked against the other walkers. Much to my surprise I took second in my age group. Next year I’m gunning for the guy who took 1st in my class. ChiWalking® gave me the edge.
Rubi – Just wanted to say THANK YOU! It’s Tuesday late afternoon and I feel great! I’ve experienced some soreness since the marathon a few days ago, but nothing out of the ordinary–surprisingly, very little. I think I was more sore after the longer run we did in San Pedro a few weeks ago! I’m still amazed that I feel so great. I know my time was nothing remarkable, but I’m just so proud to have finished and to just be so happy from start to end. I remember feeling down and somewhat miserable during miles 22-25.5 at the Long Beach marathon. I also remember my body just shutting down as soon as I crossed the finish line and being very sore for several days…. None of that did I experience in Catalina or since then. Catalina was so special.Maybe it was the beauty. I don’t know what it was, because I can’t say it was easy–although the downhills were pretty fun–and I don’t think I trained as well as I should have, especially the last couple of weeks when I ran very little if any at all…. I don’t know, but thank you.Steve, thank you for your words of encouragement way back in November when I questioned whether to register for the running group and asked you if Catalina was just too big of a dream, considering my difficulties in Long Beach. Your response was that if I didn’t dream big, why dream at all? Thank you for those words. Those words alone made me register for the group and the run. And, because of those words, I had my best run ever!Thank you for being such great coaches and great people.
Carolyn – I can tell that my ChiRunning form has greatly improved over the past 10 months since I participated in your very first ChiRunning Yoga Retreat held last April. Prior to the ChiRunning workshop, I have had some serious knee and heel issues. I was a heel-stepper.Since the April retreat, I have run in 8 half marathons, a 10-mile race and three other smaller races without injury. Last Saturday, my intensions were to run a very slow 90-minute run with the Beach Runners. However, 30 minutes into the run, the bottom of my foot was bothering me, telling me that I needed to quit for the day. Most days, I feel my Chi. That Saturday, the Chi just wasn’t there. So, I listened to my body, turned around, walked back to the car and drove home trying not to be too disappointed. To give my foot a rest, I did not run at all during the week.Yesterday, I participated in the Pacific Shoreline half marathon. Arriving at the race early, I was able to do my body looseners. By the time the race began, I was relaxed enough to feel the Chi throughout the entire race. I completed the race without the recent foot issues (and knee issues are completely gone) crossing the finish line within my goal time!
Ashley – Just a little race update from the run in HB on Sunday. I improved my time from the Disneyland half-marathon by 9 minutes which makes me even more excited about L.A.!!! Go Beach Runners! My mom also got a PR this weekend. I am so proud of her for all of her hard work and dedication. Hope you had a nice weekend. See you Sat. at practice.
Sabdi – I am happy to say that I finished my first half marathon. I was a bit tired during the run, but think I was still recovering from last weeks long run. I was overwhelmed with all the excitement of the event and didn’t have my garmin or my watch on. I had no idea what time I was running. I just kept thinking back to your email about running a race and to make sure and pass some people.I finished with a time of 2hrs. 5mins. My goal was 2hrs, but I am most excited about the fact that I finished the race with no knee pain whatsoever. No pain anywhere. Well, my big toe was a little sore. I’ll have to work on that.
Nancy – Thank you for having such a great program! This was the first time in my life that I have tried to run…and definitely my first half. I am very grateful!First, the ability to have a group to give support and guidance is great; and second, having a mentor run with us was very motivating. Rolando was perfect and I can’t thank him enough for his motivation and support. Keep up the great training.
Steve – I wanted to say thank you to you two for the coaching and techniques that have given my running a nitro boost over the past two months. I am simply amazed at the transformation that my running has taken in such a short period of time. The ChiRunning® techniques that you guys have demonstrated combined with the track workouts and yoga, have allowed me to reduce energy consumption while increasing speed without the pain and I am just scratching the surface of the techniques that you teach. My running experiences have become so different now that it barely resembles the struggle I used to call jogging.
This past weekend I tested your training by running the San Diego AFC half marathon and was amazed at my finish time, but was mostly impressed at how great I felt at the end of the run! Last year in the same race under identical conditions I finished at about 2:10 and was wiped out. This year I finished at 1:46 when my goal was only sub 2 hrs and I felt great. I started a little fast on the downhill and didn’t think I could hold the pace but started focusing on form and foot speed, added a little lean and the speed maintained itself throughout the run.My running and spirits have a renewed energy as a result of this accomplishment and I look forward to the continued training in preparation for the Long Beach Marathon. At 43 years of age it feels great to be able to increase performace levels this dramatically in such a short period of time . My goal of a sub 4:30 marathon that I had when I began your training has been changed to sub 4 and am confident I can do it. My current PR of 4:37 set in June this year does not stand a chance past October.
Latonya – Thank you, Thank You, Thank you –and that doesn’t even cover it! Mile 19…at that point, the concept of Chirunning totally kicked in–I was in the moment, I was enjoying the race, I was grateful to be alive, to be healthy, to have such great friends and family …my official time was 5:12:08 – slower than I wanted, but I couldn’t have been happier. I finished strong, enjoyed the process and grew so much as a person from this experience.
Kevin – You two are coaches who are knowable about training and injury treatment and prevention. The ChiRunning method really helps to prevent muscle soreness and made the running easier. I can’t wait to do it again next year!
George – Thanks to both of you. You guys were great.My official time was 4:33:15. This was my second marathon. I did San Diego last year and did 4:40:something, so I did take 7 minutes off of my time.
Diane – Thank you so much for a great season! You both did a great job……I beat my last marathon by 2 seconds (surprising because conditions, 3.5 hours of sleep, at the end of the pack at the start line), 4:00:14. I will try to make it out for Nov. 5. Thanks again for all your support, you totally rock!
Diane and Don – Thanks again guys for all your help and your kind words of encouragement. There is nothing more challenging and satisfying than to take on something that you feel is beyond you and actually accomplish it. What an incredible high. We are life long fans of both of you, the chirunning technique and your 21 week training program. If you need in person testimony to help pitch your 21 week training program next year at your kick off meeting, I will happily be of service to you. Just give a yell.
Anja – You have a great program, very dynamic, full of life, an opportunity to meet people with similar athletic goals, may be even more. I appreciated training with you (Steve) as a professional coach. You were there for every single one of us – not just for the marathoners but also for the 1/2 marathoners and, not only for the marathoners with a goal to finish in 3 hours or 3:30 hours but for each and everyone of us. I learned by running behind Gary watching his strides and it has always been exciting to get an e-mail from either one of you.
Ron – I want to thank you guys for all of your emails, advice, support & training. It has made me a better person and runner.
Bill – Two years older and eight minutes faster. No permanent injures. Must be the ChiRunning. Looks like I can take a short break and start training for the L.A. Marathon. Thanks for all your help.
Harvey – I just thought I’d share my run today with you. It was absolutely
amazing. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m quite sure that it is what I’ve always heard of as a “Runner’s High”!Before training with Beach Runners 5 weeks ago, I could hardly run 3 miles from Belmont Pier to Junipero Ramp and back) without experiencing
excruciating pain in my legs, back, and lungs. Now, I can’t ever imaging running less than twice that much. After coming to the end of my usual run (at the end of my secondsplit) I had so much more energy that I decided I could go much further with the cadence and pace I established. Never once did I offer myself the chance to walk as a “reward”. After arriving to my apartment front gate, I had such a surge of energy; as if I just meditated and cleansed my mind.It is a great relief to feel everything getting easier the further I go. I believe what has really set this type of training apart from what
I’ve done in the past is all about the form: Lengthen, Level, Loosen, and Lean.
That is sort of my mantra every time I’m out there. I simply love it!
Ron – I want to thank you guys for all of your emails, advice, support & training. It has made me a better person and runner.
Divina – k, get this – I joined BR mid-July 2007 so as to put me back on track again with physical fitness. I said to myself that maybe if I sign up for an event (LB Half Marathon), and follow the training program, I’ll be on the road again to wellness. My ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy running until I am old and gray, without straining my poor knees =). And ChiRunning is supposed to do just that. I think it was divine providence that led me to your group. The book was truly helpful, but practicing the ChiRunning principles had made me become more aware of my body. What’s even better is to get the individual attention during the workshop that I attended in Aug 2007. Coach Gary was the instructor and he was great! It was an eye opener for me. After the workshop, I aimed to focus on midfoot strike, the lean, and taking small steps (yup, I’m one of those heel strikers in my good old younger days). So, on most of the runs that I did with the BR, I focused on my form. Of course, it always helps when my coaches will catch me doing long strides and coaxing me to do the small steps on our Sat runs. Slowly, I am getting the hang of it.Here’s what I’m excited about – practicing ChiRunning on the trails. The uphills and downhills were great to practice the technique. When I did the LB Half Marathon (flat course) in Oct 07, my time was 2:46. I did Carlsbad Half (with some hills) on Jan 20th and I finished in 2:25 without huffing and puffing!!! And after that run, I felt I could do more miles. So exciting!!! I have more Half Marathons to race this year and who knows I may challenge myself to another marathon (last one I did was in 1994).

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the special people that you both are. I mean that and with sincerity.

Manny – As a fellow triathlete and coach, I am very impressed by the knowledge that Steve and Gary have to offer. Their concepts make sense and the benefits are evident. They are a great resource for runners of all experience levels. Nobody can make a training day or a race as fun as Steve!
Jenny – I joined the Beachrunners in 2005 mainly because of its unique program. I had aspired to run my first marathon during that year and saw different running clubs but the Beachrunners caught my attention because of it’s Chirunning program. This program helped me run much more efficiently with no injuries and run faster. I’m not going to lie to you as of course, there will be pain during the long runs but my recovery period is so much faster. When I first started training for the marathon, I always had this nagging IT band pains. I have not felt this pain in the past three years to this day as I got better with my form and technique as well as fitting in some crosstraining. I also started doing yoga and strengthening my core. I also finished my first marathon in 4 hours and 7 minutes and I owe that to good form, technique, crosstraining and eating well which you will see discussed in the Chirunning book if you haven’t already read it.In 2005 and 2006, I only ran one marathon each year (both in Long Beach, go Beach!). Now, I’m looking to doing about 3 or 4 marathons in 2008. I have also been using Chirunning techniques with my swimming and bike riding. My next goal is to do triathlons starting with the sprint distance and who knows, maybe one day, I’ll get to do Ironman. 🙂
Uncle Sam – You know the story. Before I started Chi Running I was out there running alone (boring), jumping in marathons without the proper training, and of course, injuring myself. After the third time that I injured my leg my doctor told me “Jim, you are much too old to run, you need to find another sport, maybe cards or an action packed game of shuffle board will better suit you.” I was feeling mighty blue but during the three months of intensive physical therapy I stumbled on a “Chi Running” article that made some outrageous claims. The article claimed that it is entirely possible to have fun, meet like-minded people, and most importantly – Run Injury Free! Contrary to my doctor’s recommendation, I still wanted to continue running so

I joined the running club.I am now a Chi Runner, a mentor and an injury free multi marathon finisher. I really enjoy running with the Beach Runners because I no longer get injured, I don’t get sore anymore, and I have met many interesting people that I have something in common with. Together, we have learned that running can be pain free and a ton of fun. I think that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a 62 year old runner is that I am able to keep up with the younger crowd.