Surf City Marathon 2012 – with Coach Steve Mackel

“You got chocolate in my peanut butter. No, you got peanut butter in my chocolate.” The Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach is where a beach party meets a marathon and half marathon or is it where a marathon and half marathon meets a beach party. With close to 20,000 runners participating, Super Bowl Sunday took a new meaning for me.

I almost always run some race on Super Bowl Sunday but I never took on a marathon because I am a huge football fan and football comes first. Would I be too tired for the big game if I went the marathon distance? Well, 82 other Sole Runners and I ran this race on a perfect day in So Cal.

The course is flat and fast. It is an out, back, out again and back to the pier course. You get to see you friends out on the course because you are crossing paths somewhere. And, this can be a fun motivator.

Besides the good spirits on the course the beer garden was the most rockin’ post race party that I have been to. It was packed, packed with Sole Runners. The only bummer was standing in the beer line, which didn’t effect me because I wasn’t drinking until I got to me SB party.

Quick thoughts on the course, FAST but if you are running the marathon the second trip out to Warner is tough for two reasons. One, you have already been out there and second the bike path gets crowded, with bikes and runners. Two, the bike path is a little uneven around Dog Beach and felt like the slowest part of the course. But, that’s not much to deter you considering you are running along the beach. I’ll be back and thanks for watching.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel-Sole Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Training’s Head Coach


One Response to “Surf City Marathon 2012 – with Coach Steve Mackel”

  1. Jane on May 25th, 2012

    I love that you post videos of the races you run. You have a great attitude and really seem to enjoy endurance running. It was good to “run” into you at the PV half.

    -One of the Triple J’s