Sunday’s Trail Run Exchanged for the Brentwood 5k/10k and Beach Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Training Started Strong

Beach Runners Mentor Rolando and a New Beach Runner take it to the Beach

May’s Trail Run has been exchanged for the Brentwood 5k/

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10k. That’s right we will not be meeting in Sierra Madre this Sunday but rather in Brentwood. I am going to be at the annual Brentwood 5k/10k this Sunday instead of the previously scheduled trail run in Sierra Madre. It’s becoming a tradition and a great way to spend Memorial Day Weekend Sunday. We might add a trail run on June 3rd, as Gary and I prepare for our Ultra Marathon on June12.

The Beach Runners, MaraYoga “Building the World’s Best Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program” has started and you can still join. For more directions, meeting times, cost and benefits click on Beach Runners

Some reviews of our first session are in and quite impressive, “Hi Steve and Gary, I just have to tell you that running (with the Beach Runners) last Saturday was awesome!!!! I could not believe how much energy I had after our 30 minute run! I felt like I could have run it all over again. I have been running since January and have realized that I was not running efficiently. I got to say that ChiRunning® is fantastic!!! And all of the mentors, as well as coaches, were so friendly and helpful. I met some new people and I can’t wait till next Saturday to run with “my” group again. 🙂 Thank you,” Julie

“Hello Steve and Gary, Saturday was great, I’m an occupational therapist working with people who have had spinal cord injuries, brain injuries/strokes, spinal surgeries and other random diagnoses. I’m constantly teaching them to be aware of their bodies/body mechanics, so it’s good for me to learn ChiRunning®. I’m having trouble with my body awareness during running, so it’s good for me to be a student for once! 🙂 I’m happy I joined this great group of people, the Beach Runners, on this journey to complete my first FULL marathon. “Alicia”

Beach Runners Half Marathoners Practice Yoga With Steve on the Grass After Their Run

Steve and Gary’s proprietary MaraYoga training system combined with the ChiRunning® techniques make for a safe, effective and fun marathon and half marathon training, while possibly getting into the best shape of your life and learning to become healthier in body, mind and spirit. For more information Click Here

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Beach Runners Head Coach


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