Steve’s Birthday Duathlon – Trail Running and High Performance Yoga®

What a Difference a Year Makes

Here I go moving up to a new AG (Age Group) you’ll have to guess which one next Sunday.

Gary and I are hosting our 2nd annual Trail Running and High Performance Yoga® Duathlon. This one just happens to be on my birthday, Sunday, April 29.

Here’s the deal: We meet at Travel Town in Griffith Park at 10:00 A.M. We run/hike/have fun for 1 hour and a half hours, then eat quickly and head over to Studio City for a talk on Pranayama followed by a HPY class taught by my coach, Steve Ilg.

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Want to run better? Learn about Pranayama – breathing exercises to strengthen your life force.

Want to see where I found Power Yoga then showed it to Gary? Then you got to take Coach Ilg’s class

Want to read about last year’s Trail Run/HPY Duathlon Click Here

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Beach Runners Head Coach


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