South Pasadena’s Greenest Fastest Mile – July 4, 2010

This video features a new race in my hometown of South Pasadena, The Greenest Fastest Mile. It was an interesting race for me. I had seen some posters around town but I never read the fine print. I knew it was on the Fourth of July but I figured it would start early in the morning. I also didn’t really consider it because it is only a mile.

I was giving a Chi Running® lesson in the morning, then I went to the local South Pasadena 4th of July parade at noon. After lunch, I was riding my bike home and I saw some people chalking the local streets, so I had to ask, “What’s going on here?” One of the guys replied, “A running race.” I got back on my bike and rode to the starting line, where the registration tables were. I was told a 1 mile race started at 6 PM. It didn’t take long to decide I had to run it. What else was I gonna do? Plus, the fireworks show was a hours after the race.

Here’s what I knew, I had to warm up before I started this race. Even though I warmed-up I still didn’t warm-up enough. Second, you have to train running fast miles to be competitive. Track workouts start in 2 weeks, 2 weeks too late. Third, there is no such thing as running slow in a mile race. I thought I was going to run an easy 8:30 min/mile but once we got going there was no way to run that pace, everyone was giving it their all. And how do you pace yourself in a mile race? Run as fast as you can until you pop. My heart rate was super high the entire race. I just pushed on, still slowing down in the final stretch.

In the end, it was a very good experience. Every race is a good race. Next year we’re going to have to get the word out about this race. Below is some data from my Garmin

Greenest Mile

Race Focused, Steve Mackel – RRCA Marathon Coach


2 Responses to “South Pasadena’s Greenest Fastest Mile – July 4, 2010”

  1. The Green Girl on July 6th, 2010

    Wow. I cannot imagine trying to truly race for a full mile. I get tired just thinking about it.

    This might be one of those races I’d rather spectate. Heh!

  2. Mr E on July 7th, 2010

    I didn’t think I had enough weeks to train for a fast mile. I’m 62 and the years tighten up the muscles. I was not sure how clear the road would be after the parade or how even the course was. Good run, but how did you hold a camera? See you next year?