Sole Runners and SCR Member Becomes a Sponsored Athlete with Jamba Juice

Mary, a Sole Runner and Member becomes a sponsored athlete with Jamba Juce. Below is a post taken from Mary’s blog on being selected.

The Green Girl is a proud member of Team Jamba Juice 2010.

Team Jamba Juice is part of the‘s Active Ambassadors program. The Active Network created this program to help connect companies to like-minded consumers. As an Active Ambassador, you have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador and promote products you believe in on a grassroots level.

When I heard Jamba Juice was looking for 100 ambassadors for their 2010 team, I had to apply. I’m convinced I am one of Jamba Juice’s biggest fans. At one point, I even set out to drink every Jamba Juice drink on the menu.

On the application, I let Jamba Juice know as a true back of the packer, I was their biggest bang for their buck. I mean not that many runners are out there on the course as long as me!

A few days after I submitted my application, I received the following email:

Dear Athlete:

Congratulations! We’re pleased to announce that you have been selected to become a member of the 2010 Team Jamba Juice Sponsored Athlete Team.

The selection process was tough, and we thank you for your patience. Your athletic accomplishments and individual interests are a perfect match for the sponsors’ goal of building a dedicated team of athletes who are passionate about their sport and community. Your 2010 goals, past achievements, future motivations, and overall dedication to the sport best demonstrate this commitment.

Shortly after, I received a package in the mail containing the team manual, my Jamba Juice branded apparel, $1 off Jamba Juice coupons, window clings, and tattoos.

As a Jamba Juice Ambassador, I will help promote Jamba Juice’s current campaign, Jamba Juice’s SuperActive Summer powered by Superfruit.

I will also sport my Jamba Juice branded gear when I participate in local events and hand out the coupons, window clings, and tattoos.

I think this will be a great opportunity for me. I’m really excited about this.

Go, Team Jamba!


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