LA Marathon Tip #1 – Sleep, Underrated Until the Last Minute

Sleep, how much do we need before race day? Ah, a million dollar question. The answer is: It depends. I think it is funny that the medical community has defined standards by the general population averages and the masses measure themselves by this without testing themselves and listening to their bodies. Everything is individual, figure out where you are.

Eight, seven, six, five hours or less? I like around seven.

Ask yourself this question, “How many hours of sleep do I need to feel great the next day?” Have you been burning the candle at both ends? If needed, maybe you can sneak a nap in.

Sleep well early this week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are key sleep nights. As we get closer to the race, nervousness can kick in. Don’t worry about it at this point and sleep the best you can. The night before your marathon is no big deal. Restless nights are typical. I have never had more than 6 hours before a race, closer to 4 – 5 hours. I take my time getting all my stuff laid out the night before.

So sleep well these next few nights. Pay attention to how you really feel each morning. This is the week to rest and take it easy. Keep you runs short, quick and think about recharging. See you at the Expo or Sunday morning.

Train Focused,

Steve Mackel, Beach Runners Head Coach


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