Sindy’s UltraMarathon Race Report

Peggy (womens 15 Mile winner), Sindy, Sandy, and Laury
Catalina Marathon was such a beautiful experience.  When coach Gary
suggested going 7 miles farther in an ultra marathon I was eager to
try!  In preparation We’d done two four hour runs and I’d done one 26
mile run in the Santa Monica mountains.  My running has been improving
and with coach Garys coaching I felt ready for this adventure.

Every run is a learning experience.  Either helping you realize your
strength, your improving endurance, or a challenge that shows you the
things you need to improve on.  This race was a challenge for me.

I was prepared for the distance but not the terrain. Single track,
rocky, and with 7000 ft elevation gain.  I ran the first four and a
half hours on pace and feeling good.  The views were beautiful and the
technical trail was also beautiful.  We ran over two mountain ridges
and we were on the Pacific Crest Trail when we hit a seven mile
section with loose rocks, no aid stations, and downhill swtchbacks.
This section slowed me up a lot and I could see my time slipping.  I
arrived at the 21.8 mile cut off 5 minutes too late.  I wouldn’t finish
this race today.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, however, as coach Gary
says,”smooth seas do not make good sailors”

This run gave me the opportunity to evaluate my running and it has
driven me to work on some training aspects I have avoided.  I love
running especially since learning Chi running and adding yoga to my
training.  I feel that every choice we make takes us where we need to
go.  I was where I needed to be. I was doing exactly what I needed to
do. I learned the things I needed to learn to become a better runner
and a stronger person.

I’m going to go back to finish the course in a few weeks.  I need
closure with the mountain.  The message of my experience is never stop
trying.  Learn from the outcome you get and don’t let the fear of
falling short of your goal stop you from going for it.

I’m so grateful for our supportive coaches and the other beach runners
I’ve become close with.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for
Thanks for letting me share my story.

Sindy Seal
Natural Strength Private Training
(310) 689-8931


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