Saturday-Global Mala Project

Dear Yogis,

Saturday is a global effort to promote peace in the world through yoga.

A mala is a prayer. So Saturday will be a prayer day. You might have
noticed the wonderful energy in the sky this week already.

Lots of God energy flowing through Los Angeles right now.

To be part of it of this wonderful effort you can do the following…

1. Come join Steve and I at the LA Convention Center. We will be there all day.
After running. Come down for just the evening dance if need be.
It is a twelve hour event from 10:30 to midnight or so.

2. Do 108 Sun Salutations as part of your yoga practice that day.

3. Say your prayer 108 times.

4. Say “I love you” 108 times that day.

108 is a Sacred number for the following reasons…

The number 108 carries spiritual, mathematical, and astronomical significance:
108 is the number of names for Shiva in Hindu philosophy.
108 is the number of Upanishads comprising Indian philosophy’s Vedic texts (depending on how you count).
108 is used in Islam to refer to God.
108 is six times the number “18” which is a Jewish good luck number.
108 is the number of names for Buddha.
108 is the number of beads on a Catholic rosary.
108 is twice the number “54”, which is the number of sounds in Sanskrit.
108 lines of energy are said to converge to form the heart chakra.
108 has numerological significance in that 1^1 x 2^2 x 3^3 = 1 x 4 x 27 = 108.
The diameter of the sun is approximately 108 times the diameter of the earth.

See you there,



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