Running on the Road

Looking For Davey Crockett at the Alamo

Some of my favorite runs have been when I am on vacation. I end up seeing things I could never see on a tour bus, car, bike, scooter or walking. Each of those allow you different views, yet for me running puts me right in the middle of the scene. In only running clothes, and a few bicks, I become vulnerable to my surroundings and the other people around me. I tend to have a keen sense of direction so getting lost is usually not a problem but sometimes that can make for a really fun run on vacation too.

So, today I write to you from the city of the current NBA World Champions, San Antonio, with my picture in front of the Alamo, wearing my Beach Runners shirt, feeling slightly land locked. Where’s the Beach? Actually there is some great water here. The River Walk is a little crowded to run on but we did it anyway. It opens up toward the end as you run river side with trees, crickets and beautiful colors all around you. At the end of the path you can sit on a stone wall and watch the reflections off the water as ducks swim by.

As long as you are here, “Remember the Alamo!”

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – USA Triathlon Coach


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