Rose Parade Bandit Run 2017

Rose Parade Bandit Run details: A while back I heard about some runners that annually run the Rose Parade backwards. So, I decided to give it a try. There is nothing official about it. This is not a formal event. There is no entry fee, no medal, no shirt, nothing, but fun at your own risk. Some friends are meeting on Thursday, January 1, 2017 around 4:30 AM (depending how fast you are).

I did it for the first time a few of years ago and now its a tradition. If you have never done the RPBR, 2017 is a great year to make sure you do it.

What to bring: A small backpack with warm clothes in it that you can put on as you walk around the floats. It’s usually cold and once we get to the floats you are warm and a little sweaty from the running. If you have some warm, dry clothes in you backpack you can stay warm as you enjoy the floats up close, then repack them for the run back to your car

Check out my video from a few years ago.

I realize it is difficult to hardly sleep then run but it is good practice for use full and half marathoners. It is also good practice running in this cold weather.

This is an unofficial 11 mile run that starts at the Starbucks, 3429 East Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107. There are many FREE parking spaces available on the street behind Starbucks and at the Sierra Madre train station, which is across the street. The shopping centers security gets a little crazy about their parking lot.

This run basically starts beyond end of the Rose Parade route, goes to the beginning, where the floats are. We view the floats up close and run back for the Stealth Bomber fly over.

I will be getting to Starbucks around 4:30 AM Depending on your speed you should plan on leaving between 4:50 – 5:15 AM to make it to the beginning of the parade around 6 am. Groups will be leaving about every 5 minutes. Since it is about 5.5 miles you can do the math but if we all get up to the beginning by 6 – 6:10 AM it will give us 45 minutes to walk around and check out the floats. Since we have had many runners doing this that run different paces, we usually see each other walking around the floats. The parade starts at 8 AM but you need to start running back around 7:15 AM. If you leave too late we will get thrown off the route.

It is usually really cold so you need to dress appropriately and bring layers. It can get cold walking around the floats. You much bring a hydration system or a bottle of water and money for beer, warm drinks or goodies afterwards. There are LIMITED porta-potties along the route. PRP at home please.

Parade Focused, Steve Mackel – co-founder, since 2006


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