Redcord Suspension Training with Lisa Mulrennan

Recently, I got to spend a little time with Lisa Mulrennan and learn about Redcord, an intense, effective, suspension training system. In fact it’s used in USA Olympic training centers, many PT practices as well as private training studios like Mulrennan’s Mindfull Movement in Los Angeles next to Beverly Hills.

Suspension training has hit the exercise market in a big way. runners and all sorts of athletes are using suspension training to improve their performances. What makes Redcord different is that there are three points of suspension, with each one having multiple adjustments, from where they are located in relationship to your body/joints, to height. Record can also offer a bungie cord system to help you off-load body weight that may compromise an execise’s purpose.

My personal experience after going through a series of evaluation movements using the Redcord system, then doing some basic and a couple of advanced exercises is that it was intense. I engaged areas in my abdominal muscles that were sore for days, meaning they weren’t being sufficiently tested in my normal abdominal exercise routines. Each exercise took my attention to really line my body up properly but Lisa’s guidance and expertise was excellent.

Redcord isn’t your mother’s suspension training system. First of all, the equipment is expensive, more difficult to hang and requires a trained professional. This means that you probably won’t be seeing it in too may gyms. But, if you are looking for something effective and different, and it is also used to help injury rehabilitation, Redcord may be what you are looking for.

Train Focused,

Steve Mackel – Master ChiRunning Instructor


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