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diamond heart love mass email creates good feelings and stirs up some controversy.

Last Saturday was a magical day. It started the way 90 percent of my Saturdays start, leading the Beach Runners in their long training run. Last week they went 3-5 hours so we took it easy this week and only went one hour.

Driving to our meeting point it started raining and I was thinking who was going to be gutsy enough to show up. I have to admit that I don’t run too often in the rain but it never rains in So Cal anyway, so I don’t get that many chances. When I arrived at the parking lot the rain cleared, the air was fresh and people started showing up. It was probably our smallest turn out of the year and I don’t blame anyone for staying home in a warm bed. You had all Saturday to get your run in.

The sky was unbelievable. It felt like every cell in my body opened up and soaked in the energy. I ran with new Beach Runners and long time Beach Runners. I had a great run then Gary let me lead the group in “Parking Lot Yoga” since the grass was wet.

Gary was in a great mood that day and very proud of the group based on last week’s effort. He was also on his way to help create peace at the Global Mala Project. I was going to meet him there and had to go home first. After doing some projects around the house I checked my email and found a “Very Special Message” from Steve and Gary at It was a, “We love you” letter pointing out what a beautiful day it was and how thankful we are to have your support and it was sent to all our members.

Just before I was getting ready to leave to meet Gary, I checked my email and found dozens of replies. I was amazed. Some of the email read like this,

“Gary and Steve,

You just don’t know how much your message meant to me. I ran today all by myself, and made it a little over 10 miles!

All last week I was so busy with work and family life, by the time I wanted to run it was late at night and no one else was available to run with me. I was not that worried, because I was very tired and I had almost no energy.

But something came over me on Friday, I emailed my sisters and told them that I would run in Long Beach on Saturday, at 6:00AM so that I can finish early. Well, this morning at 5:00 AM it thundered and rained so hard that I just knew no one would be running in this weather. Around 8:00 AM I got myself together and drove to LB. By the time I got there everyone was returning from the run. I was embarrassed and did not want run by myself so I left.

Determined to still run today I went to the Manhattan Sand Dunes and ran from that point along the strand (to the end of the path…the wall) and back. Towards the end I had so much energy, and it began to rain very hard.

The joy I felt at that moment of running without stopping and feeling great was amazing! Your teachings and techniques I will treasure.

Thank you for making my running journey so much fun.”

“Steve and Gary,

You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today!

I’ve always believed that you get back what you put out – so my life is equally enriched by each of you–it was a blessing and gift to find Beach Runners three years ago!”

“Steve and Gary,

Thank You!

To hear kind words no longer astounds me, since I have found the company of Beach Runners.

I cannot eloquently express what the Saturday runs have meant to me. Just know that my spirit is transforming in the journey…. I do look up at the sky more often, I breathe in the moment and the crazy thing, I’m lots happier!

Kindness, knowledge, compassion, strength and a little bit of quirkiness. You both are amazing teachers! I am so grateful for your guidance.”

At the same time, there are some members that we have never met or just thought this was over the top or corny. They were a little perplexed by this email and thought that it was not clear enough that it was a mass email and misinterpreted. Gary and I feel that that is an excellent point and will when we send another email like that consider ways to make things clearer.

One thing I can promise, we will not stop sending the love. If this offends any of our members/readers, we are sorry you feel that way, yet we feel love is the only way we can change our community and world into a better place for our families and friends. Days as beautiful as last Saturday just trigger feelings of love and appreciation. Why not share them.

Lastly, thank you for all the kind replies. I was excited to open each of your emails, sharing them with Gary and feeling your love. We have the power to change the world. I think the Black Eyed Peas lyrics for the song Union represent some of my feelings.

Union by the Black Eyed Peas

One for all, one for all
It’s all it’s all for one
Let’s start a union, calling every human
It’s one for all and all for one
Let’s live in unison, calling every citizen
It’s one for all and all for one

We don’t want war- can’t take no more
It’s drastic time for sure
We need an antidote and a cure
Coz do you really think Mohammed got a problem with Jehovah
We don’t want war imagine if any prophet was alive
In current days amongst you and I
You think they’d view life like you and I do
Or would they sit and contemplate on why
Do we live this way, act and behave this way
We still live in primitive today
Coz the peace in the destination of war can’t be the way
There’s no way, so people just be ’em wanna be a man
Realize that you can change the world by changing yourself
And understand that we’re all just the same
So when I count to three let’s change

Got no time for grand philosophy
I barely keep my head above the tide
I got this mortgage, got three kids at school
What you’re saying is the truth, but really troubles me inside
I’d change the world if I could change my mind
If I could live beyond my fears
Exchanging unity for all my insecurity
Exchanging laughter for my tears

I don’t know, y’all, we in a real tough position
In the midst of all this negative condition
Divided by beliefs, different sink and religion
Why do we keep missing the point in our mission?
Why do we keep killing each other, what’s the reason?
God made us all equal in his vision
I wish that I could make music as a religion
Then we could harmonize together in this mission
Listen, I know it’s really hard to make changes
But two of us could help rearrange this curse
Utilizing all the power in our voices
Together we will unite and make the right choice
And fight for education, save the next generation
Come together as one
I don’t understand why it’s never been done
So let’s change on the count of one

It takes one, just one
And then one follows the other one
And then another follows the other one
Next thing you know you got a billion
People doing some wonderful things
People doing some powerful things
Let’s change and do some powerful things
Unity could be a wonderful thing

One for all, one for all
It’s all it’s all for one
Let’s start a union, calling every human
It’s one for all and all for one
Let’s live in unison, calling every citizen
It’s one for all and all for one

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Co-Founder


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