Long Beach Marathon Race Day Checklist

Time to get prepared before the night before. If you need anything it is probably for sale at the marathon expo. Go down the checklist and see what you need.

Running Shorts
Beach Runner Shirt or your favorite running shirt
Race Chip
Race Number
Body Glide or anti chafing and blister protection
Sunscreen already applied
Fuel – Gels, Bars and/or other food
Any other running gear – knee wraps, patella straps etc…
Throw Away Pre-Race Clothes
Money at least $40
Sunglasses (optional)
Visor or Hat (optional)
Hydration System (optional)
Race Number Belt (optional)
Camera (optional)
Tissues (optional)

After you have gone through all you stuff and checked it off the list and made a list of what you want to get, you are set.

In the early hours of the morning before a race starts it is typically cold. Another good idea is to wear some “Throw Away” clothes. Beach Runner’s Mentor Jim, aka Uncle Sam, goes to a thrift shop and picks up some sweats for a couple bucks then tosses them off out on the course when he has warmed up. Stay warm before the race.

Here’s my race day gear story. A learning experience from my first marathon, yes, it is a memorable day yet carrying a bunch of stuff around for 26.2 miles can suck. My first marathon I had a hiking waist belt. I called it my Batman Utility Belt. In it I had Power Bars, camera, cell phone, bandages, gels, money and in a separate section it had a water bottle holder, to hold one the size that fits on a bike. All that added up to one heavy belt. On top of that it was not a tight fitting belt like a Fuel Belt (that I use now).

By mile 16 my hips were raw from that belt bouncing around. Thank God for my friend Jason, who met me at mile 16 to run with me. He asked if I needed anything and I said, “Please just take this belt.” He said yes and within moments I felt 100 pounds lighter. It was as if a cross was lifted off my back. I am still thankful for his help that day.

The moral of the story is less is more. The LB Marathon has well-placed water stations so I will probably only carry two water bottles. I load the pack pocket with $40 and food. I will also put some more food in the other two water bottle spaces. I’ll have a camera so I can take some picture of all you. Since I am not running the entire marathon, I’ll pack some emergency items in case I run into you can you need some help. It is a good thing I grew up in the Boy Scouts because it reminds me of their motto, “Be Prepared” and go lite if possible.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, USA Cycling Coach

LB Marathon Tip – Bodywork and Its Benefits Before and After Your Marathon

I firmly believe in bodywork. I am seeing my bodywork mentor Lenny Parracino every week now before the Catalina Marathon. As Lenny says, “Soft tissue work is like dental flossing for your teeth. You wouldn’t skip dental flossing, so as an endurance athlete and the amount of work you do training your soft tissues to get you through the race, why would you not get bodywork.” Well, I know some of your answers; it is expensive or I don’t have the time. Lance Armstrong gets bodywork after almost every workout when he is serious training mode or racing.

Pre-Race – A nice relaxing Swedish, without too much deep tissue work is great. Thursday or Friday are prime days for this. If you have one scheduled Saturday make it very relaxing, a painful massage may do more harm than good.

Race-Day – A quick stimulating massage is perfect. These are only a few minutes to stimulate the blood flow to the muscles and other soft tissues. I’ll be out there and if you ask me, depending on how much time is available I’ll set you up, for free! Call it Karma.

Post-Race – I have read different opinions on when after your race you should get a massage. Well I won’t have my table with me, so if you can manage the lines they offer massages at the finish line. An easy 20-minute session is great. If they’ll work on your feet (they can get kinda gross after 26.2 miles), better for you.

Sometime over the next week, while you are recovering a thorough full body massage is a great idea. I’ve been training in specialized sports massage techniques this January and I’ll offer a special post race 1-hour massage for the price of $50 if you come to me, in Pasadena. Whether you see me or someone else, treat yourself, you deserve it.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, Certified Massage Therapist

Pre Race Items and things to consider

O.N.E. Coconut Water or Sports Drink to carry around with you to sip before the race
Depending on the temperature, a throw away shirt to keep you warm. You may even wear this the first mile or two and a big smile.


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