Power Yoga with Gary Smith

Power Yoga with Gary Smith

Yoga on the beach in Cambodia

Tuesday Nights: 7:45 (1 hour class bring a towel) $14

Starting Tuesday March 6th at Yoga Bindu in San Pedro

Studio Yoga Bindu
718 S. Weymouth Ave San Pedro, CA
310-521-9555 www.yoga-bindu.com

Power Yoga is about developing internal strength through a rigorous dynamic yoga practice. Power yoga combines Vinyasa flow sequences with strength building yoga poses perfect for athletes or those wanting a “work-out” in their yoga practice.

Instructor Gary Smith was certified by Rosie Good in 2006 after his own personal yoga practice for many years. Gary is a competitive trail runner, marathoner, and ultra marathoner. He also teaches people to run effortlessly and injury free through the revolutionary ChiRunning system. He has coached over 500 runners, conducted large yoga classes, and yoga retreats. He recently taught classes in Cambodia and Thailand.

“While I love all types of yoga, my teaching follows my personal power yoga practice. You’ll learn to develop whole body fitness through a rigorous Vinyasa flow sequence followed by asanas designed to open up and strengthen areas of the body that get restricted and tight from traditional Western sports such as the lower back, hips, shoulders, and hamstrings. Athletes that follow my sequences testify to better recovery and performance.”


Yogi Hermit from Angkor Wat


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