Planning the Rest of the Year and Next Year’s Big Goal – 100k Trail Race

Bryce Canyon With races becoming so popular, some selling out in hours, you have to plan in advance.

First on the the list is climbing Mt Whitney in September. The next couple of months are focused on training for this hike. I’ve never been to Whitney before. I don’t know what 14,000+ is going to feel like so the training includes: Snow Valley Half Marathon, 16 mile hike to the top of San Gorgoino and Run to the Top of Mt Baldy race.

Second and Third are Marine Corps Marathon and ING New York City Marathon. My goal for these two races are back to back weekend sub 4-hour races. I have never done that before. It should be a good test because I think, depending on the conditions, NYC is a more difficult course. That means I have to go in strong enough that I can cruise to a 3:55 at MCM. And, 3:55 has never been a cruise for me for but very doable. Then have a good race in NYC

Topanga Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Day, its a tradition and a beautiful trail race that sells out.

Santa Barbara Red Rock Trail Marathon – No goals, just happy to be doing another trail race.

Maybe throw an Olympic or sprint distance triathlon in there somewhere.

2014 The Big Goal – My first 100k?

I am looking at 100k races. I want to run in a beautiful place that I have never been before. That is why I am looking at the Bryce Canyon 100k. The 2014 date hasn’t been announced but last year it was in late May. Utah is stunning country and I have never been to Bryce Canyon. 100k is a long time on your feet. We’ll see.

There will be lots of races and training building up to that in early 2014 like the Boney Mt Trail Half, a must do race, Surf City and LA Marathon, but the focus will be getting ready for 100k, with a lot less support than I had at the American River 50 Miler.

How’s the rest of your year looking? Do you have any big goals that you need to start planning for now? The bottom line is that there are so many great races and goals to need to start planning now.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs


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