Palos Verdes Marathon 2011 Video and Race Review

Many people might not know it but the Palos Verdes marathon is part of running history. It is the 2nd longest continuous running marathon in the United States, next to Boston. It is hard to believe it that the west coast, let alone Palos Verdes, owns that distinction. This year featured the new “flatter, faster” course. We should have known, there are no flat places in Palos Verdes. They also had to double the course for the marathoners. The half marathon definitely pulls a majority of the crowd. The full marathon is only a few hundred runners so it gets a little lonely but the views help the miles move by quickly.

This is a home grown race with very reasonable entry fees. Their profits go to local charities because of the work of the Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates. There are so many reason to support this race. It is on my yearly list but I may go back to running the half.

This year was also special because presented the first ever Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 52.4/26.2 What a warrior event, two tough races in two days. Palos Verdes kicked it off and it was a doosey. Put one of the Palos Verdes races on the calendar next year. See you in 2012.

Challenge Focused, Steve Mackel, RRCA Marathon Coach


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