Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 39.3 / 26.2’s Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 39.3 and 26.2 – One Weekend, Two Races, from the Mountains to the Sea

Are you a Half Fanatic or Marathon Manaic? Do you want to earn 4 moons as a Half Fanatic? Do you want to take the first steps to run an Ultra?  Here’s a way to do it. Run the Palos-Dena Ultra Challenge 39.3 / 26.2 “One Weekend, Two Races, from the Mountains to the Sea”

Saturday May 20 is the Palos Verdes Full and Half Marathon

Sunday, May 21 is the Pasadena Full and Half Marathon

This is the second time that two half marathons are being run on the same weekend in Los Angeles (excluding Catalina Island). The Palos Verdes Half Marathon has beautiful ocean views. The Pasadena Full and Half Marathon is one of the newest marathons in gorgeous Pasadena .

Here’s how to complete the Palos-Dean 2012 Ultra Challenge:

Register and complete both marathons or half marathons on back to back days, run 39.3.4 or 26.2 miles and you are in. It also qualifies you to become a 4 Moons Half Fanatic. (The Palos-Dena Challenge is not directly affiliated with either race, and is not a race itself.)

Here Are the Rules:

  • You must register for the Ultra Challenge and be registered for the Palos Verdes Half Marathon and the Pasadena Marathon or Half.
  • You must complete your registered race each consecutive day, May 20 and 21, 2012.
  • You must have good a attitude and assume all your own risks.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Phiten Necklace mailed to you when you register ($30 Value) for you to wear while training
  • Commemorative Palos-Dena Men’s or Women’s technical run shirt
  • Challenger Club’s Completion Certificate
  • Bragging Rights

The Cost: $20 for the 2012 Palos-Dean Ultra Challenge, plus the entry fees associated with the Palos Verdes and Pasadena Races