One of my goals from Last Year’s Catalina Marathon

“It was a dream come true to finish this Catalina. I met new friends, and came to see why runners return to this marathon year after year. I will return next year and want to train some other runners to run it with me so we can go to the bars after the race and do some real celebrating. Wanna join me?” » Blog Archive » Catalina Marathon Part 2: Imagination is more important than Knowledge

Funny these things…when you write down your goals and your intentions and let the universe know about them…how they start to manifest.

Certainly the whole crew did quite a bit of celebrating after this race.

I was thinking about the importance of this this morning. That after completing something real difficult like a marathon…

It’s important to CELEBRATE.

Have a party. Have a drink or two. And go dancing. Beach Runners had their dancing shoes on at Chi Chi Club in Avalon Saturday night. It was a real blast.

Because celebration closes the circle of your journey. We’ve spent months together training. Got to know one another. Broke bread together. Ran together on our races. So to just get in your car after the race and go home doesn’t quite seem right. At least not for me. Humans need to celebrate. To sing, to dance, to eat together and share our joy at accomplishing our goals.

I’m looking forward to celebrating more with everyone this Saturday at the White House. Check your emails Beach Runners this week for directions to the party.


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