Off Topic – Buyer Beware Boycott Affordable Portables


Unopened, never used, silver Jawbone, only $120, save $30 call Steve at 818.414.9181

I’ve never written a post like this before but it is my site and I can do what I want. I did a dumb thing and it might be to your benefit. At least this knowledge may help you.

I use my cell phone exclusively and I needed a hands-free bluetooth headset so I invested in one of the best for AT&T phones, a “Jawbone”. Its unique technology allows background noise to be filtered out. It looks pretty cool too.

Well I thought I lost it. I have old, ok, head set one but I really like the Jawbone’s noise-filtering feature. After a week of think should I drop the cash for this expensive unit, I decided to help stimulate the economy and went to Affordable Portables. They kinda pose as an AT&T store.

I went in and asked for a Jawbone. A nice girl got one and handed it to me. “Cool, Silver,” I thought. My last one was black. I asked the price and a guy from behind the counter said $149. I said I paid $129 for the one I lost, how come this one was more. He asked me if mine was the updated Jawbone 2. I thought that must be the reason. Still I wasn’t sure and asked him to check the price again and he came back with $139. I bought it figuring I could return it if my old one was found or if he was over-charging me. I had to sign a piece of paper along with the receipt. (First mistake) And of course I didn’t read the fine print.

I went home and found the old box. One the bottom was the price tag, $129. It was the same, just a different color and I haven’t even found anywhere that there is really a Jawbone 2. The next morning I decided that store was jacking the price up on me, the guy behind the counter was anything but helpful and I would return it.

When I went into the store the next day, a different guy behind the counter told me that they didn’t give refunds. He told me I could get a store credit. I asked for a gift card but they don’t do gift cards so that option was out. Now I was mad at myself for not reading the paper I signed, that in fine print read, “no refunds, all sales final.” I wanted to take it out on the guy behind the counter but I didn’t. I was still mad, the box wasn’t opened and it was less than 24 hours. I was thinking this is how they get people.

Now, I have found my old Jawbone and my loss can be your gain. First always read the fine print and ask refund policies in stores. I will choose do to little business with stores that don’t have reasonable return policies. Second, you can get a Jawbone below the store price, without the tax, see abvove. Third, buyer beware and Boycott Affordable Portables.

Shop Focused (next time I will), Steve Mackel – bummed consumer


One Response to “Off Topic – Buyer Beware Boycott Affordable Portables”

  1. Erin on December 8th, 2008

    The picture you have is of the Jawbone 2. The older Jawbone is bigger. And the MSRP is $129.95 for the Jawbone 2. Maybe they were charging more since it’s almost Christmas. Affordable Portables sounds like a rip off. Next time go to for you Bluetooth needs.

    Sorry that happened to you. Good luck selling your headset! 🙂