Of Miracle Tickets and Turkey Trots

Steve, Conner, Emily, Colin and Micki put in a team effort

The last 24 hours have been incredible. It really goes back about 36 hours with the Beach Runners’ Tuesday night run. We had a beautiful evening for a 50-minute run along the beach followed by a nice yoga session led by Gary. Buono’s restaurant supplied us with all the food we could eat. 20 people showed up.

While I was running with Maria and Anna I told them what a big Rolling Stones fan I was and that I was looking for a ticket to their concert, Wednesday night. Maria just happened to know of a potential ticket for me. I was looking for that “miracle ticket” and it happened.

The next afternoon Maria called me with a two free tickets. I invited Paul, met her friend Bez and we were off to a fantastic Stones concert. Paul and I finished off the evening with a stop at a local Echo Park taco truck. It was the best al pastor burrito I have had in a long time. The perfect pre-race meal, not!

This morning I woke up and drove up to La Canada for their annual Run for the Hungry 5k. This was the third year I have participated in it. It was also a chance to test how my back’s recovery is coming. When I got there I ran into many Pasadena Tri Club members and ended up running with Micki, Emily and Colin pushing Conner. Our goal was running a conservative sub 30-minute 5K. We smoked that time with a 27:30. It was a new feeling for me, running slower than usual yet I was just happy to be running. The last two years I have finished in the top 4 in my age group. This year I was Thankful not walking at all. It shows how your perspective can quickly change.

We had a great time, earned our bird today and celebrated with breakfast together. If you aren’t out there volunteering to help feed the hungry, at least start your day off with a Turkey Trot that benefits some charity. Join the SoCalRunning.com crew next year as we will feature a few local Turkey Trots and keep running.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® instructor

Bruce, “Reese” and Steve warm-up at the Run For THe Hungry 5k before Saturday’s 80-mile ride to Solana Beach


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