New Year Resolutions – How To Make Them Work

Find a running friend

Let’s face it, most of us do better keeping resolutions when we create accountability to others, not just ourselves. Making a New Year’s resolution is a tricky proposition. Many times we last a month or two, if that long, and let our noble ideas go down the drain. That is why you should consider ways to create addition accountability to others. But if you discuss your resolutions with others, be careful whom you choose. It is important to make yourself accountable to people that will support you, not criticize you or think you will fail.

Negativity, self-doubt, and lack of confidence can only take you one place but positivity and self-esteem can take you many places, always a direction that is best for you. For example, consider you have the goal to run a marathon or half marathon this year. If you continually tell yourself how far it is and how long it is going to take you will probably have a long, difficult day, if you make it at all. But if you took the positive route, no distance would be too far or take too long. Now, add in the proper training and you have a recipe for success. Add in a support group, like family, friends and training partners and your day will be one will positive energy and memorable experiences.

So, as you consider your New Year resolutions, be your own best friend. Keep your thoughts and feelings positive about your new behaviors, even if you slip up every once and while. Create accountability, only tell people your goals that will support you and go about your business with the others.

If you are a runner or want to become a runner join a group or find a running buddy and that task seems daunting, is here to help. Join our community, read our blog, stay motivated, join us for a run and let us know how it is going.

Happy New Year! Make 2006 the year to realize goals and dreams.

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