Nautica Malibu Triathlon Race Report 2010 Classic

Mike P, Kimberly K, and Steve Celebrate Post Malibu Triathlon

I’m not quite sure when I started participating in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, sometime in the early 2000’s, but it was my first road triathlon and I loved it. It is well organized, a fun, fast course.

This year I wanted to get back into triathlon. I had taken a 16 month break after a crappy Wildflower. I also have been doing a lot of running but at the same time triathlons are becoming so popular they sell out in a few hours and are expensive.

This year I woke up early and signed up the moment registration opened for the Malibu Classic. It sold out in less than 3 hours. Now it was on my list and I gave myself a goal, top ten in my AG (age group).

When I singed up I thought I would train hard for this race with my AG top ten goal but I didn’t. I kept running, doing yoga and hoped teaching some tough Spinning classes would pay off. Well, here’s a snapshot of my day.

Up at 2 AM, ate, finished packing up my gear and got picked up. Easy drive and get parking spot at Zuma, thanks Mike Pusateri. Took two blankets, walked out on to the beach, made a sand pillow and went back to sleep for about an hour. Woke up, pumped up the tires and rode to transition. No one near me knew how to set up a transition area. Bikes were racked on the wrong side so I explained how to rack a bike. Picked up a cup of coffee from Mike then jogged back to the car to get my wetsuit. PRP, walked back to start line, got in wetsuit and got wet. Did some push-ups, ran into Bruce, Andy and Adam. Got in wave start position.

The swim was great, calm clean water but my face stayed cold the entire swim. It was easy but I didn’t feel strong 16:02

T1 – 2:49 probably 20 seconds slower than it should have been because I had to put on gloves (first mistake).

Bike – 49:12 my goal was to break 50 minutes. Despite starting my ride a little too hard, I watched my wattage and was able to maintain a solid ride with some room for a good run. That 49:12 was good enough for 37th OA in the bike and this is where I was worried about being undertrained. I do have to thank Andy. I did get a few go rides in with him this year, where we really pushed it, and he reminded me that this ride is short enough that I could hammer it.

T2 – 2:24 (note to self REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER AND RACK.) I was a joke in T2 running back and forth trying to figure out where I was supposed to rack my bike. I finally looked at the number on my arm to remember. Big waste of at least 30 seconds. That won’t happen again.

Run 28:47 – My goal was a sub 28 so I relied on my Garmin. It told me I was averaging 6:58 so I kept it right there. 7:11 min/mile pace and I know I am faster. Did my Garmin hurt or help?

The “X” Factor – I probably left something out there but not much. My focus was slightly shaken due to the fact I needed to pee before the race started and I thought I would save it for the swim. I don’t know how I forgot, maybe it due to “shrinkage” but it made the bike and run slightly uncomfortable, oh well.

Final Results – 7th in AG 50th OA. It felt like I had a good race all things considered. I accomplished two of my three goals. The triathlon bug has bitten me again. Now its time to ramp up for California 70.3 next April. Look for Sunday training rides since I can’t do Saturdays, more weight training, swimming, track workouts and yoga! I want to close in on 5 hours in April.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Triathlete (again)


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  1. alwayshappyjay on September 17th, 2010

    You will do it Steve.