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My Mom (in blue with glasses) Surrounded by Some of Her Grandchildren

Moms, I love all of you. What a job you have been given. What blessings you have bestowed. If my mom is any indication, the amount of time, effort and unconditional love that has been dedicated to me, well just look at me, I required a lot of all of those and what about patience? My mom had four boys, God bless her. I still don’t know how she is sane.

This Mother’s Day weekend is time to honor your mother, mother figures in your life and moms around you, you know, your family and friends. From start to finish being a mother has to be one of the toughest jobs. First you have to deal with nine months of pregnancy, then raising children for the rest of their lives. It also can be the most rewarding experience in life and only women are blessed with that opportunity. As a man, even though I am not a father, I see a difference. Slight it may be, it is still a difference.

This Sunday is another opportunity to send love and appreciation to your mother. Even if you mother has passed away or you don’t communicate with her for some reason, still send out that love and appreciation. Carry it in your heart and be affected by it, invest yourself with all those motherly qualities and let them shine in your life.

That’s my goal this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday……

Mom, I love you.

Train Focused – Your Son Steve Mackel, CHt


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