Member Report – Silicon Valley Turkey Trot ‘08

So Cal Noretta (in red), Family and Friends Invade No Cal for a Turkey Trot

It was a cold morning and I was worried it was going to rain just like Surf City early this year, because it rained yesterday when we picked up our bibs. It was a different scenario for me because none of my cousins have run a long distance race. They thought I was some serious runner with my pre-race day preparations, body looseners & what not. =)

There were a lot of people, young, old, group of friends, families with strollers, some wearing turkey costumes, some in their best running gear, some all bundled up. Everyone was cheerful.

It was crowded all throughout the course. I was trying to live up to the tradition of passing someone along the course so I had to zigzag my way around. I thought I was running fast but I noticed that most people are just walking. When I finally saw a photographer, I made sure no one was in front of me, gave my 2 thumbs and ran to the finish. It was awesome and I had a great time.

My cousins & I have been talking about running together in an event. Now we finally got matching shirts. Why did we pick this event? We can be done in less than an hour, the event is 30 mins away from their house and so we have an excuse for pigging out later at dinner time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Take care,
Noretta – member


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