Marathon Training: Recovery Strategies and Tips

Are you training for a marathon? Do you find marathon training difficult?

After your long runs on the weekends do you feel your body breaking down? Are you getting injured?

Or do you feel lethargic and tired the next week?

In this video I show you four basic marathon training recovery strategies I’ve used for years to train for marathons.

It is simple to run a marathon using this marathon plan. At least in my opinion. Watch the video to learn how to avoid running injuries and get better marathon training nutrition.

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One Response to “Marathon Training: Recovery Strategies and Tips”

  1. Marg Duncan on March 17th, 2009

    Hi Gary, Just watched the video on recovery strategies and just wanted to say I think it was great! I noted EVERYTHING! I was a yoga student 2 years ago before a broken foot and I just stopped going (twice weekly). I am now running Boston in 4 weeks and a sore hip has just started to get in the way of training. I KNOW yoga would have spared me but now I think it is too late. I have been training since Jan 08 (started from scratch) and wanted to do a marathon before I turn 50. All on track (hoping just to finish but secretly hope it is around 5 hours too) until the hip thing. Any ideas on whether or not a great big rest and recovery will help and do you think I can still do Boston. Pretty keen to be pain free on the day!