Los Angeles Beerathon – The Marathon of Beer Drinking

Beerathon 2012. I took to the streets of Downtown LA. Many of which I had ran 13 days earlier at the LA Marathon. But, this time I stopped at many of LA’s fine drinking establishments in a different sort of challenge.

There were 26 stops available on the Beerathon, the same number as miles in a marathon. Few participants made all the stops and there is no official results to report. I only made 10 stops. It wasn’t about how many stops each participant made. It was about the camaraderie, the challenge and the fun.

What needs to be mentioned was the great spirit of the “non-event”. The participants were well behaved. When people walked into bars they made new friends instantly, because they were sharing an experience. The participants were very welcoming of non-participants as well. And, all things considered it was safer than a regular Saturday night. How? Because the participants made plans to use public transportation, brought assigned Designated Drivers, took taxi and walked.

Beerathon was officially cancelled just days prior. But the participants, many in costumes or team uniforms were not going to let the potential fun be spoiled. In fact, it was probably a better deal for the participants and bar owners.

LA is great place and the downtown area doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Beerathon showed locals and visitors what a great downtown LA has. We hope it comes back next year officially or unofficially. Special thanks to the organizers who lost their shirts with this event, the bars/resturants that didn’t let the participants down, the participants for keeping it safe – fun – civil, and the City of LA for letting a good thing happen.

Drink Focused, Steve Mackel – ChiRunning® Instructor


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  1. Christianne on April 1st, 2012

    Thanks for helping us relive it!!! Good times!