Long Training Run Data

Click on the map above to look at each mile split.

The weather was pretty cool for Pasadena, with som

e cloud cover. I could have used

some more calories around mile 17. In fact, an aid station would have been great but by that time the run was coming to an end. You’ll also notice no real stops. Barry and I only hit 2 red lights at major intersections during all 19 miles.

The best part of yesterday was that I came prepared. It started with a Gotein as soon as I finished. Then I went for a 16 mile bike ride (not recommended) but I drank Clif Electrolyte and Coconut water the entire ride. I got home showered, went to lunch with my mom and had a nice big meal. I felt great. Good enough to run a short, slow trail run and lead a Runner’s Yoga in the evening.

What I am getting at is getting the proper ratio of nutrients in you right after your training sessions, especially if they are long and/or intense. I know on Saturday with the Sole Runners I grab some type of recovery meal/drink but sometimes I am outside that 45 minute window. I will start writing more on recovery nutrition as I am going through a nutritional programming certification course this month. Look for me to bring a cooler with more specific recovery nutrition and give Gotein a try.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Chi Running Instructor.


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